LNG Cryogenic Ball Valve Extend Stem for Low Temperature

Cryogenic Floating Ball valve Extend Stem Body Forged stainless steel A182 F304,Ball A182 F304,Seat ring A182 F304, Seat Soft Seat RPTFE, Stem A182 F304 extend Length 200mm, O ring PCTFE, Gasket Graphite+316SS, Packing PTFE, Bolt &nut A193 B8/A194 8 Medium:Liquid nitrogen/liquid oxygen/liquefied natural gas

Products Details

● The cryogenic valves designed with extended stem and water drip pallet in stem. ● The drip pallet can prevent the water vapor in the air from liquefying and then water flows to the valve surface and freezing, causing valve damage.They are applied to ensure the sealing performance of packing box and normal operation of ball valves . It also reduces the heat transferred from the outside to the inside of the device. ● Extend stem calculation according to SHELL SPE77/200/BS6364. The extend stem which is related to the thermal conductivity of the material, the thermal conductivity area, the surface heat dissipation coefficient and the heat dissipation area. The extend stem allows enough space for insulation material and ensures the stem packing sound sealed above 0℃. ● Low emission packing,prevents leakage around stem and ensure fire safe.

QL Cryogenic ball valve design feature

The cryogenic ball valves has the special design structures meet to such service safety use.

Main Parts Material

BALL F304 F304 F304 F316
STEM F304 F304 F304 F316/XM-19





A193 L7/A194 4

A193 B8/A194 8 A193 B8M/A194 8M
Since cryogenic ball valves are used in low temperature conditions, the valve must be fully dried before delivery. The test medium in factory usually is be helium gas.If there is any liquid in valve body, the liquid will risk freeze at low temperature and will generate pressure on the internal components of the valve. The pressure will damage the valve sealing and pipeline damage risk. It’s also the reason why the cryogenic ball valve valve is replaced by the air pressure test instead of hydraulic test on site test. The construction site test facility is quite limited and the valve need be strictly dried before use.QL Cryogenic ball valves designated in highest performance and produced in strictest quality, can meet the highest standard cryogenic service,and wildly applied for safety transportation for processing,storage,shipment and distribution of ethylene,Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen, LPG, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and other low temperature liquefied gases. As an efficient and storable clean energy, LNG has shown broad development prospects in all aspects of the industrial chain. Cryogenic ball valve is most demanding valve in the cryogenic liquid storage and transportation equipment system. It has the advantages of flexible switching, reliable sealing, safety and stability etc.The valve parts for cryogenic service need do the cryogenic treatment to make sure the valve material performance will suitable for low temperature. The cryogenic treatment is the process of putting valve parts to  low  temperatures by medium nitrogen -196 ℃ in order to remove residual stresses and improve wear resistance in steels. QILONG cryogenic treatment for ball valve part and cryogenic test for finished valve .

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