Trunnion Ball Valve Pneumatic Actuated Single Acting Type

Product Pneumatic actuated Ball Valve
Size NPS 2”~24” (50mm~600mm)
Pressure ASME Class150~2500LBS (PN16~PN420)
Production Standards API/ANSI/ASME/GOST/EN/DIN
End Connection ASME B16.10, EN558
Test & Inspection API 598/ API 6D/ISO5208/EN12266/GOST 9544
Material supply range carbon steel, LTCS, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc

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Product Description

Pneumatic actuated Ball Valve, Double acting Pneumatic trunnion mounted ball valve, size 6in, class 600lbs RF, 3pc bolted bonnet body design, forged steel LF2 body, ball F316, Seat Devlon. Pneumatic ball valve is the valve driven by pneumatic actuator. The pneumatic ball valve actuator is driven by the air source supply to rotate ball 90 degrees and a small torque to close or open tightly. The execution speed of the pneumatic actuator is very fast, and the fastest switching speed is 0.05 seconds/time, so it is also called a pneumatic quick cut-off ball valve. According to different functions, pneumatic ball valves are usually attached with various accessories, such as solenoid valves, air source treatment triples, limit switches, positioners, control boxes, etc, to achieve local control and long-distance centralized control, and the valve can be controlled in the control room, don’t need to go to the site or bring manual control at high altitude and dangerous place, which saves human resources, time and keep operator safe. QL ball valve provide valve pneumatic actuator in different types.Usually we use China brand made, but if customer has special request, we can also use the international brand like Rotork and Auma. To choose the pneumatic actuator, there are two basic type of pneumatic actuator functions need to know. ● Doubling acting-Air supply the valve open and air lost,valve close position. ● Single acting-Air supply the valve open, and spring return close. ● Attachments complete with pneumatic actuator supply namely a solenoid valve, a limit switch, and a filter pressure reducing valve.The gas-liquid linkage valve is powered by natural gas or independent gas supply, and the pressure oil is used as the transmission medium to drive the pipeline valve to open and close the actuator mechanism to ensure the safe operation of oil and gas pipelines. The power source of the gas-liquid linkage valve is directly taken from the high-pressure natural gas in the main pipeline. After filtering, it enters directly the gas storage tank for storage through the high-pressure shuttle valve and single-phase valve (one way valve) without any decompression. Combined the integrated module unit, large flow, high pressure design technology, so that less control elements bear under high pressure, prolong the life of seals, reduce pipeline attachments part, reduce system leakage points, thereby improving the overall safety of the equipment. Gas-liquid linkage is generally used in long-distance natural gas pipelines. Because the cost of compressed air or power supply in this place is very high, the pressure of natural gas in the pipeline is used as the power, and the compressed oil is used as the medium to open/close the valve. It has the advantage of no need electric power or air supply but it’s pipeline-self air source to realize the valve actuator operate in quick open/close or ESD. The difference application choose of Gas-liquid linkage actuator and pneumatic actuator is the the gas pressure of the pipeline. The gas-liquid linkage is mostly used for high-pressure pipelines that require large torque and needs to take gas directly from the pipeline, and the pneumatic is mostly used for small-diameter pipelines with small torque or can provide instrument wind as power. QL manufacture Trunnion Ball Valves are available in an extensive range of designs, materials, sizes and pressure classes and are in full conformance with international production standards ANSI, ASME B16.34, API 6D, ISO17292, GOST, specifications etc. The API 6D standard ball valve is most prevail in all industry standards, for the API standard is the highest valve standard in all kind of industrial application. Even some times the valves end connection will be changed in DIN/GOST/GB, the valve design will follow the API standard as the higher quality level.





A216 WCB/A216 WCC   A182 A105/A105N







Metal Seated

A352 LCB/A352 LCC   A182 LF2


A351 CF8  A182 F304


A351 CF8M A182 F316


A351 CF3 A182 F304L


A351 CF3M A182 F316L


Super Duplex A995  4A CD3MN A182 F51

F51/A479 S31803

Super Duplex A995 5A CE3MN  A182 F53

F53/A479 S31803

Super Duplex A995 6A CD3MWCUN A182 F55

F55/A479 S31803

A351 CK3MCuN,904L




Alloy-20 A351 CN7M, INCOLOY 800

Alloy-20 B473 N08020

Alloy-C276 A494 CW-12MW

Alloy-C276 B574 N10276

Alloy-C22 A494 CX-2MW

Alloy-C22 B574 N06022

Electric actuated ball valve EN1092 flange connection, material duplex steel CD3MNGas-liquid linkage actuated Ball Valve Pneumatic and Hydraulic Pneumatic actuated Ball Valve

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