Cryogenic Ball Valve Double Block and Bleed -196C Cryogenic Service

Production Range Cryogenic ball valve double block and bleed
Size NPS 1/2"~8" (50mm~200mm)
Pressure ASME Class150~600LBS (PN16~PN100)
Material Stainless Steel/ Super Duplex Steel etc.
Production Standards API/ANSI/ASME/EN/DIN/BS/GB/GOST
Design& MFG code BS6364/ SHELL SPE 770200
Test & Inspection IS0 15848/SHELL SPE 77/312 Low temperature leakage test API 598, API 6D,ISO5208/ISO 5208/EN12266/GOST 9544

Products Details

The ball valve double block and bleed is DBB ball valve for the cryogenic service working condition.

It has compact structure for designed two balls in union body, require less assembly space,at the same time and satisfying double-isolation requirements in special process for safety management systems. Compared with multiple valve combine installation,this valve more efficient. The DBB ball valves provide from upstream to downstream zero leakage performance. This valve can isolate piping on both sides of the valve to vent or bleed the valve cavity between the seats. It is the used in the critical isolation in a variety of applications and markets, such as liquefied natural gas, petrochemical industry,transmission and storage, natural gas industrial processes, main and manifold valves in liquid pipelines, and refined product transmission pipelines.QL Cryogenic ball valves designated in highest performance and produced in strictest quality, can meet the highest standard cryogenic service,and wildly applied for safety transportation for processing,storage,shipment and distribution of ethylene,Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen, LPG, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and other low temperature liquefied gases. As an efficient and storable clean energy, LNG has shown broad development prospects in all aspects of the industrial chain. Cryogenic ball valve is most demanding valve in the cryogenic liquid storage and transportation equipment system. It has the advantages of flexible switching, reliable sealing, safety and stability etc.The valve parts for cryogenic service need do the cryogenic treatment to make sure the valve material performance will suitable for low temperature. The cryogenic treatment is the process of putting valve parts to  low  temperatures by medium nitrogen -196 ℃ in order to remove residual stresses and improve wear resistance in steels. QILONG cryogenic treatment for ball valve part and cryogenic test for finished valve .double-block-and-bleed-diagramQILONG offers a wide range of DBB valve types and options to fit specific needs, the valve materials/ends/service condition all can be customized. Your are offer details for our sales engineer to choose correct model for you.svd● Cryogenic service -196℃ ● Three valves in single one compact body ● Less leak point Less installation place ● Permit integrity check of seat seals ● Prevent product contamination Fig. double block and bleed valve system

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