Burpless Funnels Now Equipped with Poly Ball Valves for Improved Performance

2023-05-05 09:26:29 By : admin
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Poly Ball Valve for Burpless Funnels - The Perfect Solution for Spill Control
Poly Ball Valve for Burpless Funnels - New Pig

Spills, leaks, and drips are major concerns in industries that handle liquids, chemicals, and hazardous materials such as oils, fuels, and acids. These substances pose a significant risk to the environment and human health if they are not contained effectively. One of the most effective ways to manage spills is by using a drum funnel, which collects any spilled liquids and channels them into a drum container reducing the risk of spills.

However, traditional drum funnels can be inefficient when it comes to controlling spills. They create a burping effect when the liquid tries to flow through the funnel. It is an issue that can result in significant spills, which means that you need a better solution for spill control. That's where Poly Ball Valve for Burpless Funnels from (brand name removed) comes in.

The Poly Ball Valve is a valve specifically designed to fit the PIG Burpless Poly Drum Funnel, preventing spills and burping. This innovative valve is ideal for industries and businesses that handle hazardous materials and other substances that could cause spills. It can be included as an integral part of your spill response plan, ensuring that spills are contained even before they occur.

The Poly Ball Valve is designed to work seamlessly with the PIG Burpless Poly Drum Funnel, developed by NewPig. This drum funnel is designed for one person to safely and easily pour liquids into a drum container, making it perfect for use in busy workplaces with high-liquid throughput.

The valve is also easy to use. Simply turn the valve to the "open" position when pouring liquid into the drum, and turn it to the "closed" position when not in use. It's that simple! The valve prevents any spills and burping of the liquid, effectively reducing the risk of spills.

Besides, the Poly Ball Valve is incredibly durable, built to last. It is made from high-quality materials, so you don't have to worry about replacing the valve frequently. Once you install the valve, you can rest assured that it will work effectively and efficiently for an extended period.

In conclusion, if you're looking for an efficient and effective solution for controlling spills, you should consider the Poly Ball Valve for Burpless Funnels from (brand name removed). The Poly Ball Valve is an excellent accessory that works seamlessly with the PIG Burpless Poly Drum Funnel, making sure that spills, burps, and drips are limited.

At (brand name removed), we understand the importance of spills control and offer the world's best stuff for leaks, drips & spills. When you place an order over $199 in our store, you even get a free gift. Take the first step towards spill control today and invest in the Poly Ball Valve. Contact us today!